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The Stunning Drone Weddings

If flight conditions are right, if your venue provides permission, and you're looking for stunning footage of your wedding day, then inquiring about PROFESSIONAL drone coverage is simply a must for your wedding day film. I stress the word professional because flying a high end drone should not be left to amateurs. A professional pilot not only uses the most sophisticated (these are not toys) drones on the market today. These are expensive, extremely high tech machines that require a licensed pilot to operate them. But beyond just the physical skill to pilot a drone, a professional pilot is also part video producer and film maker. He or she knows the best angles to fly the drone in order to obtain the most compelling footage. He works in tandem with your videographer, positioning the drone in accordance with the videographers wishes.

At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod, we offer a licensed, professional film maker/drone pilot for all of our drone needs. Professional drone pilots are hard to find and we have one of the best.

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