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Answers To Common Questions

-What is the best time of day to maximize aerial footage?:

By shooting at approximately noon the shadows created by buildings and trees are minimized.

-How are your prices calculated?:

Our fees are generally based on two scenarios.

1. Do you require a basic aerial shoot with little to no post production. (Flat fee $250.00).

2. Do you require aerial footage in combination with full production capabilities.

                        (quoted on a job by job basis)

-Are you FAA Certified and Licensed?:

Yes, we have successfully completed all required FAA training and testing. 

-Do your drones film in 4K?:

Yes, our drones are equipped with ultra high resolution 4K cameras.

-How much experience do you have?:

We have over 30 years of combined professional film and photography experience here on Cape Cod 

and Southeastern Massachusetts. Matt Barton is a film producer and A/V expert employed by Woods 

Hole Oceanographic Institution. Robert Lassiter, owner of Digital Imaging of Cape Cod, has been

producing multi-media content for nearly a generation.

-What sets you apart?

-We are a full-time business

-We respond quickly and professionally

-We offer the very latest in skills and technology

-We bring real life certifications and training to our work

-Do you have samples of your work?:

Yes, we have multiple samples of our work.

-What is involved in engaging your services?:

1. Initial consultation and contract proposal

2. Review of the flight plan with client

3. Capture footage per clients wishes

4. Post production

5. Beta version of project posted to private server

6. Final version of project provided to client in multiple formats.

-What is the difference between aerial photography and drone photography?:

In the ever changing vernacular of our modern world, aerial photography has long

been associated with photography from airplanes and helicopters, generally at altitudes

greater than 600 ft. From such an altitude it can be difficult to see details on the ground.

Drones on the other hand are perfectly designed for much lower altitudes and feature

sophisticated gimbals for rock steady footage. In addition, the cost savings realized

with drones vs. airplanes is significant.

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