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Drone Flight Training

Todays drones are incredibly complex UAV's (unmanned aircraft vehicle) and as such require a skilled operator, knowledgeable not only in the required FAA

rules and regulations but also local bylaws, terrain, wind patterns and weather.

Todays drones are either 4 prop or 8 prop vehicles. They are controlled by a combination of GPS coordinates, on screen data readouts, visual observation, screen controls as well as joystick controls. Drones can be pre-programed to fly a specific flight path as well as programed to return to the take off location automatically in the event of emergency, loss of radio contact, or low battery status.

Of course there is more to a drone project than the ability to fly a drone safely. The pilot must also have a plan in mind, based on many factors, to obtain unique and useful images from various altitudes, angles, and speed. This is when it is

important to have actual film makers controlling the drone and it's cameras.

At Cape Cod Drone Video we believe we offer the very best in experienced

drone film making and photography.

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