Adobe Expert Certification

November 2, 2016

A trait common to all successful people is a desire to continually learn and expand their knowledge in their particular field. Someone is who never satisfied or complacent in understanding all aspects of their business.


Certifications and licenses are visible proof that the business and individuals you are working with have met rigorous industry standards and are true professionals interested in providing their own customers the very best they have to offer.


At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Drone Video we place a high premium on continuing education. Our certificates and licenses include:

Adobe Certified Expert (Premiere Pro CC)

FAA Remote Pilot Certified

CompTIA+ (Industry standard computer technician certification)

United States Coast Guard Captain's License


When considering a video/photography company it makes sense that as part of your research, certifications and licenses should be one of several important factors to consider.



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